Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where has the summer gone?

I can't believe that school will be starting in less than a month! I am so not ready yet! I mean, I'm ready for the girls to go back...just not me. :) 

I will be taking 4 classes again; Math, Public Speaking, Intro to Social Psych, and Sociology of Relationships and the Family. Schedule is a bit weird this time...2 days a week I will have to pick up all of the girls and bring them home before heading out to class again. I hope it will work out. I know Cassi doesn't really want to babysit for her sisters, but unless she's willing to foot the daycare bill... that is exactly what she will be doing. Although I will be compensating her a little bit.

We finally got the central air installed last week...AHHH! The next phase of home improvements will be painting Gabbi & Maddi's room....if they ever decide what colors and how they want it done. There will be a section done in "chalkboard" paint....I think the will really like that. Kitchen project will begin in February, as that is going to be a total remodel. The only thing staying will be the fridge. 

On a side note, Gabbi's writing workshop has been going great. Look for her article to be published in the August 10th edition of the JG, in the Fred Page section. 

Maddi and Gabbi finally realized that I have a webcam....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three Rivers Fest Parade

I'm not a happy camper at this moment....I have been sitting downtown since just before 4 A.M....without a certain friend that was supposed to come with me. I'm sure there will be 1,000 excuses, just like usual....and I don't really care. The bottom line is this: she let me down again! If Cassi wouldn't have came with me, I woulda been down here alone. This is supposed to be fun....we usually play games, color....just hang out. Apparently that wasn't very high on her list of priorities. Yeah....not a happy camper :(

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Labeled a failure yet again.....

I'm not too sure how many more times I can take being labeled a failure.... I'm tired of feeling like I have to take care of everyone and everything, and when something doesn't meet someone else's standards, I'm a failure. This feeling inside me right now has me so damned upset, frustrated and furious! I just want to explode!

On top of that mess, my 2 younger kiddos just got home from Michigan and are sick; stuffy noses, sore throats, slight fevers and nasty, make-you-wanna-gag-til-you-vomit coughs. I have only seen them for about an hour or so....and I had to feed them, dose them up, hug them and send them to bed. They look so pitiful! I could seriously just get in my van and make a road trip! They come home like this almost every time they go up there! I'm sure the question of why do I still let them go is on the tip of your tongue....well, my mom has cancer....I"m always afraid that each trip up there might be the last time they get to see her. I don't want them to miss out on one last chance to spend some time with their granny before she loses her battle with this horrid disease!
That's all I got for now....I seriously need to just go to bed with a big bottle of Nyquil....
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