Monday, January 31, 2011

Some bumps in the road...

We have had a rough few weeks around here. My dumb butt forgot to pay the gas bill, resulting in it getting shut off...on a Friday, no less!UGH! We borrowed the money to get it turned back on, but NIPSCO wouldn't come back out until Monday. We then had to borrow heaters from friends, plus go buy one to keep the house (and us!) warm until Monday. I was told they would be here between 10-12 to turn it back on and light all my pilot lights....yeah, they showed up at 6:30!! It really sucked and I was beyond pissed!!
Then I messed up with a couple of my classes...forgot to submit one online paper, and freaked out cuz I missed one class, so I didn't go to the following week's class! Ugh!!
The next thing to go wrong, was my van. It was overheating, yet I had NO HEAT! Go figure! One of my friends was having the same issue with her van. They took hers into a shop to have it fixed. A large sum of money later, the check engine light is still coming on, the van is still getting hot, and there isn't always heat. Since that was the case with her van, we decided to go to the place we bought ours and trade it in. No such luck. They would only work with us if we only owed $3000 or less. Yeah, right....we've only had the van for a year. So, we ended up going to a different lot and getting a different vehicle. We got a 2004 Ford Explorer. We LOVE it!! The sucky part is that the van will be getting turned in to the lot we bought it from, kinda like a repo.
Here is my new baby :)

I'm hoping things are starting to look up, since we seem to be getting back on track!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Some Random Thoughts....

It's a new year, and time for me to make some changes for the better. 

I am really frustrated with the way that some of my so-called "friends" treat me. I'm tired of being lied to and treated as though I don't matter....well, until they need something from me; then I matter A LOT. It hurts when you care about someone, and when it's all said and done, you feel like they never gave a shit about you at all. I'm feeling that with more than one friend right now. They lie to me about things all of the time, and I think by the end of January, there will come a HUGE change. I'm no longer willing to be this person anymore. I'm going to stop doing favors for people, too. I'm tired of being used. I am always the one that people come to when they need something, but when I need something, there isn't anyone there to lend me a hand. I can't live this way anymore. 

Friday, January 14, 2011


....would have been my Papaw's 80th birthday. I'm sure he's looking down on me and my family, proud as a peacock that we have come so far!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010: A Year In Review

I'm a bit behind schedule, as it is January 7th, 2011 and I haven't posted this blog yet. Things have been a bit crazy as of late, so here are some of the highlights....well, what I can remember anyways!

January 2010 - Spent NYE with a great friend and her family to ring in the New Year. My nephew Lil Georgie was born 1-19-10; he had a lot of health problems and was born addicted to Heroin, thanks to my fabulous sister. I went to Michigan the weekend after he was born to spend some time with him.

February - Madison turned 8. We had the girls' birthday parties; Gabbi did Science Central and Maddi did The Roller Dome. Steven and I celebrated our 12th Valentine's Day. 

March - This month we took the Littles shopping for Daddy-Daughter Dance Dresses (say that 5 times fast! LOL). We all had a great time choosing their dresses. The day of the dance, the girls and I had a Mommy-N-Me Morning, where we had an early lunch and went to Rudae's to have their hair and nails done. Steven and Pat had the two prettiest girls on their arms that night! 

April brought about a huge milestone in a girl's life: Cassi turned Sweet Sixteen! We had no idea what to do for her, so we rented her a Limo and let her and some friends ride around in it for a couple of hours. 

May showed up, blessing me with the end of my semester! I was pleased with my grades, yet ready for the summer break! It also brought with it some memories....It reminded me that I had graduated from high school 18 years ago! 

June 2010 was a very rough time. You can read more about that here, but I'm not going into it right now. It was also the month that my Papaw passed away....28 days after I graduated from high school.

July slid into view a lot quicker than I was ready for. With everything that had been going on with Cassi, I was  pretty down in the dumps. My wonderful friend Annie and her family decided to surprise me with a trip up here from Kentucky! Then came the Three Rivers Festival. Lots of time spent downtown, eating junk food and just hanging out.

August requires back-to-school shopping....and shop we did! Steve's parents decided to let the girls all pick out their own clothes this year. We spent a full day out at the mall and other stores, then had a nice dinner, and then headed home. Steve got an awesome surprise this month....a fabulous (if I do say so myself) birthday party. There were more than 50 people in our house and yard! 

September was a blur of time. Steve's dad had a double bypass....there were a ton of complications and we almost lost him a few times. 

October blew Halloween into the picture, along with Christopher's 17th birthday. 

November forced me to realize I'm heading towards the dreaded 4-0, as I turned 36. 

December came and went, with it's usual holiday flair. Gabbi turned 11. 

And that brings us back to the present. Here's looking toward a fabulous 2011!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

What A Way To Start The New Year....

...with Strep Throat! I feel so bad for Gabbi. She feels horrible, and you can tell just by looking at her. She's either a pasty white, or fire engine red, depending on how high her fever is. She's holding her mouth funny, cuz she's having a hard time swallowing. She's just plain miserable!
     On the bright side, she did get to dance at the Mad Ants game during half time. (She is the fourth girl from the right, if you couldn't tell)

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