Monday, January 31, 2011

Some bumps in the road...

We have had a rough few weeks around here. My dumb butt forgot to pay the gas bill, resulting in it getting shut off...on a Friday, no less!UGH! We borrowed the money to get it turned back on, but NIPSCO wouldn't come back out until Monday. We then had to borrow heaters from friends, plus go buy one to keep the house (and us!) warm until Monday. I was told they would be here between 10-12 to turn it back on and light all my pilot lights....yeah, they showed up at 6:30!! It really sucked and I was beyond pissed!!
Then I messed up with a couple of my classes...forgot to submit one online paper, and freaked out cuz I missed one class, so I didn't go to the following week's class! Ugh!!
The next thing to go wrong, was my van. It was overheating, yet I had NO HEAT! Go figure! One of my friends was having the same issue with her van. They took hers into a shop to have it fixed. A large sum of money later, the check engine light is still coming on, the van is still getting hot, and there isn't always heat. Since that was the case with her van, we decided to go to the place we bought ours and trade it in. No such luck. They would only work with us if we only owed $3000 or less. Yeah, right....we've only had the van for a year. So, we ended up going to a different lot and getting a different vehicle. We got a 2004 Ford Explorer. We LOVE it!! The sucky part is that the van will be getting turned in to the lot we bought it from, kinda like a repo.
Here is my new baby :)

I'm hoping things are starting to look up, since we seem to be getting back on track!


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