Friday, April 8, 2011

So much has been going on...

Things have been insane around here lately. There's been so much going on that I haven't been myself. I feel like i"m losing my mind and that I've lost my grip on reality,
My mom had a heart attack on March 26th. When she got to the ER, they found that she had double pneumonia and MRSA as well. She was put into a medically induced coma and was in the CCU. She was on massive antibiotics and a ventilator. Steven and I went up there and on Sunday April 2nd, we were told that she probably wasn't going to make it. On Wednesday, Dottie called and said they removed her vent and she was doing really good. She had a bad episode on Thursday, and is back to doing great today. I am praying that she is really on the mend this time. She is only 56...that's way too young to die. 
My friend Jenn moved to Florida. She left yesterday. It seems really weird to be sitting home on a Friday night without her. 
I really thought I would have more to write, but for some reason, I'm done....


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