Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My musings....

Well, I have finished my Spring Semester of school. I'm pretty pleased with my grades. I got an A in English, a B in Philosophy/Ethics, a B in Sociology, and a C in Psychology....which kinda ticks me off! I missed a midterm exam due to a migriane. I asked the teacher if I could make it up, and she told me yes. When I went to make the appointment to do so, I found out that I needed to do it 24 hours in advance! I emailed the instructor about the issue and she never got back to me! Therefore, I didn't get to take the exam. So, I guess for missing out on 200 points and still getting a C, I should be happy...but I'm not! I know I was capable of atleast a B, if not an A! UGH!

There has been a shift in my thinking lately, too. There are so many little things that I let bother me for so long....I have been making a concious effort to let them all go. So far, so good. Oh, some things are still hiding in the back of my mind, but it's nothing like it used to be!

I am hoping to make it to Kentucky for my best friend Annnie's son's graduation over Memorial Day weekend. I miss them a lot and I would also love to get out of town for a hot minute! We'll see :)


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