Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where has the summer gone?

I can't believe that school will be starting in less than a month! I am so not ready yet! I mean, I'm ready for the girls to go back...just not me. :) 

I will be taking 4 classes again; Math, Public Speaking, Intro to Social Psych, and Sociology of Relationships and the Family. Schedule is a bit weird this time...2 days a week I will have to pick up all of the girls and bring them home before heading out to class again. I hope it will work out. I know Cassi doesn't really want to babysit for her sisters, but unless she's willing to foot the daycare bill... that is exactly what she will be doing. Although I will be compensating her a little bit.

We finally got the central air installed last week...AHHH! The next phase of home improvements will be painting Gabbi & Maddi's room....if they ever decide what colors and how they want it done. There will be a section done in "chalkboard" paint....I think the will really like that. Kitchen project will begin in February, as that is going to be a total remodel. The only thing staying will be the fridge. 

On a side note, Gabbi's writing workshop has been going great. Look for her article to be published in the August 10th edition of the JG, in the Fred Page section. 

Maddi and Gabbi finally realized that I have a webcam....


Brandie said...

LOL! Your schedule sounds crazy! But it'll so be worth it when you are done.

We did a section of Bekah's play room in chalboard paint.... she never uses it! Hopefully your girls like it better then mine did!

Speaking of school, Bekah starts the 9th. How crazy! Remember when we woudl go back right before Labor Day?

-T- said...

They wanted dry erase paint, but that was WAY too expensive! Gabbi and Mo are always playing school, so I think they will get some use out of it.
The 9th?! UGH! I wish they didn't start until AFTER Labor Day! That way, I could go home for the Demo Derby!! LOL

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