Monday, November 1, 2010

Crazy times....

It has been rather crazy around here as of late.

My FIL, Pat had a double bypass just over a month was very touch-and-go for a while, but he is doing great now. He has been home for just over a week.

Cassi and Chris have gotten back together :) I am so happy for them! They are so perfect for each other. I hope that the two of them realize what they have and truly make a go of it.

High school football season is over now. I can finally have my Friday nights back! I love to go watch Chris play, but it sometimes, it's hard to plan around his games.

School is in full swing for all of us girls. I am up to my eyeballs in class work, but I don't want anyone to know how far behind I have gotten. I spent way too many days at the hospital instead of in class, then I got pretty sick. I am getting caught up, but it's taking forever.

The teens took the Littles out Trick-or-Treating this year. They got tons of candy and all had a great time.

We just had another photo shoot with MB....the pictures are beyond fabulous! I am buying the CD because I couldn't make up my mind on what pix to order! There were just too many great shots.

Christmas is right around the corner again; but this time, we are ready for it. We have almost everything taken care of. We have a few things yet to get for Christopher and one big gift for Cassi, but other than that- we are done!

I guess that's about all of my news for now.


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