Sunday, January 11, 2009

Again, I Must Apologize....

I had so much to say last night and no time to say I don't feel like saying it! LOL

I spent most of the day today just relaxing. I was supposed to go to a birthday for a friend's son today, but didn't get to. We had some issues with our van. Hubby thinks he left the radio on last night. After some charging, it started right up....thank GOD!

I'm really glad that I have kinda started to mend fences with that friend I was talking about last night. We have a lot of history together. I have missed her a lot. However, forgiving and forgetting are 2 different things. I might forgive her but I'll never forget what happened.

I'm off for now. Hopefully I will feel like giving out the dirt tomorrow while Milas is here.


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