Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Wednesday.....

I had -M- back today. He was so good! I couldn't believe the difference in him today. I'm thinking that maybe he wasn't feeling good last week. He didn't have any symptoms or anything, but his whole family ended up with the barfy flu.

I read a friends blog the other day, and what she wrote spoke volumes to me. -K- was having some issues, and while the actual problems were different, our feelings are identical. She was talking about people who are selfish, fake and liars. I'm dealing with that issue currently. It gave me al ot to think about. I have snagged a quote from each of her categories: "Liars are people who need to hide things from people." : "Fake people are quite possibly worse than liars. Act your age, buck up, show some intergity." and lastly: "Selfish - this one is a killer for me. When you need help, I am there in a heartbeat. Whether it is a good decision on my part or a bad one is up to me to suffer through at a later time. But why is it that when I need someone or something that there is no one to come through for me?" Wow...she hit the nail on the head, even with just what I snagged.

-MB- has been sharing a lot of info with me lately. She makes a lot of sense. I hope I am smart enough to heed her advice. One thing I'm definitley looking forward to is going back to church, which is something that she mentioned. I know that I need God in my life, and that He's there no matter where I am, but I like going to church. I have a need to go....I have really missed it.


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