Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Glad I Don't Get Graded On My Blogging!

If I was doing this for a grade, I'd have been marked down! I can't believe I forgot to blog here yesterday! I had been doing so well...grrrr!

Anyhow, I only had -M- on Monday and Tuesday this week, due to his parents work schedule and then his family getting the barfy flu. I found other ways to amuse myself though!

Wednesday there was no school and I blogged about that. My friend -B- and her daughter -H- came over and hung out for a while. That Hubby-Guy made his famous Mashed Potatoe Meatloaf! It was SO YUMMY!

Thursday a good friend of mine, -MB- came over with her son, -H-. Gabbi and Cassi didn't go to school, so they got to hang out with us too. We had lots of fun, and I found a new Wii game I want to get. It's for the Fit...Jillian Michales....some type of workout game. It was kicking their butts! I was to embarrassed to try it, so I watched, but I do want it. It looked awesome.

Today is Friday. I was hoping my friend -J- was gonna make a trip down from Michigan, but it's looking crazy outside. We have gotten a couple of inches of snow and she has gotten about 3 or so. I'm so bummed! I miss her and the kiddos. I'm hoping it lets up and she is able to make the trip.

Nothing has changed with my "friend" situation. I have gotten a lot of advice about what I should do, but so far I've done nothing. I hate the fact that I need to make a decison, but I have to. It could end up costing me a whole lot more than it already has. What makes me even more upset, is she was right here at my house with me when I went thru this EXACT same thing with another "friend" and she saw what it did to me! I was physically sick over it! Why in the hell would she put me right back thru it? On top of it all, I don't want to deal with her false charges of harassment, but I want what is mine! How am I supposed to fix that? UGH! I could scream!!

I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I will remember to blog over the weekend, but we shall see.


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